How To Thrive Baby Twins, There are 3 Important Things You Should Know

By | August 8, 2016

How To Thrive Baby Twins?

If you are planning to have twins so often to read books or magazines, consult your doctor, and ask the parents of twins. With good planning and preparation, then the result will also be good.

Some women do not prepare in advance before they have twins. Therefore they will feel inconvenience when should take care of their twins.

How To Thrive When You Have Baby Twins korean twins

How to thrive when you have baby twins? There are 3 important things you should know

Your twins need to grow up as individuals
Twins are always treated differently than other babies that grow individually. Do not treat your twins as a single baby. The twins are two people who also want to be different. Do not call them “twins” but call them with their name.

If you have lots of friends and big family then it is a remarkable thing. Caring for a baby is exhausting moreover take care of two babies at once? You can ask for their help. Join the association of parent or you can join the club on the internet or something. Seek out local clubs or online support forums. In this way your life will be easier

Generally, the parents discriminate against their twin babies. One of their more cheerful baby and the other is not. It is reasonable! Why? Two babies born at the same does not always have the same character and behavior.

Baby A may be more active while baby B is more calm. Baby A more fussy while baby B prefers to laugh. Instinctively you will like baby B than baby A. This is reasonable. Things like this must be experienced by parents. But as time goes by you will be able to understand both your baby. So there is no discrimination. You will love both your baby and treat them wit same love.

If you have identical twins, so you will difficult to distinguish them. You can use the following method to distinguish them: put a bracelet of a different color, dressing different colors, or items with their names attached.

Use trial and error for a good feeding routine
Feeding twins are most difficult thing.  At first you will feel trouble in feeding your twins, but eventually you will get used. Breastfeeding is the best thing for your baby. In addition to providing the best nutrition for infants, breastfeeding is also easy to do and not much to spend money. Whether using breast milk or artificial, try to get as much advice on feeding twins as you can, and use trial and error to work out which way suits you and your babies best. Pumping, or expressing your breast milk for others to help can be a huge help. If you are fortunate enough to have someone who can take away some of the strain of sleepless nights then use them!

No matter what you feel in the first week of caring for your twins, or even in the first year. Feeling tired or stressed you might feel, but in addition, of course you feel very happy. Your social activities may be reduced, more of your time is spent on taking care of your twins. Intercourse with friends also may be reduced. But do not worry, your friends will understand your busy life as a mother of twins. This is time for you and your twins.

Do not forget that your husband is always there for you and your family. You are not alone in parenting. You will be helped by your couple. In addition to help you, he also gives you a motivation. Trust your husband.

Healthier parents mean healthier twins
Look after yourself as much as you can. If we keep our bodies to stay healthy then our environment will also be affected. Likewise with a mother who keep their bodies healthy then the baby will also be healthy. Take care of your body’s health. Although you have a lot of activities to do, but you can solve it by asking for the help of your family and friends. You can make your babies to sleep simultaneously. Read the following article: 6 Tips for Mom To Make Twin Babies Sleep At The Same Time.

Finding a comfortable routine that suits all your family needs is vital. Your life may be messy. Homework may be neglected. Washing clothes, sweeping, cooking and water the flowers are some things that you should leave because you have a baby. Give all what you got for your twins. Your twins are number one, and the other is number two.

Avoid labeling your twins, understand the difference between them. They may be born simultaneously but actually they are a different. Do not discriminate against them for too long and do not labeling them. If you have genuine concerns then do not hesitate to seek professional help, as with all aspects of caring for babies.

How to thrive when you have baby twins? You can do it according to your instincts. Do some more useful things for the baby and you can ask anyone to help take care of the others. good luck!

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