What are The Best Sex Positions to Conceive Baby Twins?

By | August 13, 2016

Do you want the twins? You can read many articles on this blog. One was about sex positions to conceive baby twins. This is you came for.

Having twins is the dream of many couples.

A couple will be very happy if they have a baby, but what if they have two? Three? Or even four babies … at once? It is most encouraging moment in their lives. Someone who chooses to get married means they are ready to have children. Thus the birth of a baby into the world is the most beautiful thing they get.

Each couple in this world very happy to have twins, of course. Most of women would wish to be pregnant with twins. But how to conceive a baby twins? …. what the best way?

What are the best sex positions to conceive baby twins?

Best sex position
Baby is the most beautiful thing for every couple. A woman or man will not be called as a parent before they have children. The husband and wife will not be happy if they do not have a baby. With the birth of the baby then their lives would change completely.

You will not be able to feel how happy to be parents is. Surely, if you do not have children. Today many couples expect to get a descent.

Having twins provide a great experience. Your life will change drastically. It will provide an experience for you and your family. In this article we will discuss about the opportunities to get pregnant with twins and some tips sex positions to conceive baby twins.

Know Your Family History
Genetics twins is one of the major factors in the formation of twins. If in your family tree there are twins so you have best chance to get the twins. The genetic of twins are descendants as well as the desease. So please find out your family history.

knowing your family tree

There are two types of twins: Fraternal and Identical. Fraternal twins are conceived when two separate eggs are fertilized. While identical twins are conceived when a fertilized egg splits into two. But generally, identical twins are rarer than fraternal twins. You can also read “7 Types of Twins

Natural Ways to Conceive Baby Twins
There are some natural ways to get the twins.

  • The women ages have a higher chance of getting pregnant with twins. Women who have age over 30 will release more eggs than women who are still in 20.
  • Women who have already given birth to twins has a high likelihood of having twins again.
  • Eating yams and dairy products can also improve fertility. There was a race in West Africa, which has a high pregnancy of twins have the habit of eating sweet potatoes. Some scientists believe that the substances contained in the skin of sweet potato can improve conception in women. Besides consuming dairy products is also the best choice if you want to have twins.
  • Logically, if you have a lot of kids, of course you likely to have a twins.
  • Usually, a woman cannot get pregnant while breastfeeding. This is because they still has a baby. However, in some studies, choosing pregnant soon after giving birth can also make a woman has the possibility to be pregnant with twins
  • The last factor that you can dig in this article is the luck. If you ask the parents who have twins, how can you having twins? , they would answer it is just plain old fashioned luck. Read also this: How to Get Pregnant with Twins Using Natural Methods

Finding a sex positions on how to conceive a baby twins maybe difficult, to do. But in this article will discuss some sex positions that can help in this regard.

Actually try some sex positions do not guarantee to be able to get twins, but it would not hurt to try.

talk about sex position

Sex Positions to Conceive Baby Twins

1) Doggy Style – side by side. This sex position is the most common way to do. The woman had to bend her knees with the head lower than the back. Then the man penetrated from behind. During sexual intercourse the sperm is so close with the egg. With this, you can increase your chances of getting twins. Doggy syle has many variations, you can try it with your partner.

2) Standing up position. How to do this is to stand like the doggy style position. This aims to provide more penetration so that it can make it easier for the sperm to fertilize an egg. You can try this position to increase the likelihood of getting pregnant with twins.

3) The missionary position. This position is facing each other. This position can ease the sperm to enter and fertilize the egg. You could also try this position with your partner with many variations.

4) Rear entry position. This is a position with a woman and a man lying on top of her. This position is also easier for sperm to enter the cervix.

5) Having sexual intercourse on fertile days. Sexual intercourse in the fertile period of women will increase the chance of getting pregnant with twins.


Here are some of the traits of ovulation (fertile period of a woman) :

1. There is a change in the cervical mucus (cervical mucus). The presence of mucus in the cervix is the main signs of ovulation. Cervical mucus becomes dry and sticky before ovulation. Cervical mucus tends to be more white and slippery also. You can find out the possibility of women have entered the time of ovulation just by seeing her Cervical mucus.

2. Noting the body temperature. At the time of ovulation, the body temperature usually increases than usual. By using a special thermometer called BBT (Basal Body Temperature) which can detect changes in temperature to ten degrees. You can detect ovulation because of an increase in temperature of as much as 0.4 degrees Fahrenheit that would normally be aggravated during the past six days

3. Using a tool: Ovulation Predictor Kit (OPK). OPK is a tool to test the fertility which can be done at home. This test works by measuring levels of the hormone LH, when LH increases, it means that ovulation will occur within 12 to 48 hours ahead.

4. Studying physical signs of ovulation. A woman who is entering a fertile period will show physical signs such as abdominal cramps, breast tenderness, and abdominal bloating. In the fertile period, women also tend to be more sensitive and more excited for sex.

The purpose of knowing the fertile period or ovulation occurs is to planning the best time to make love. In this way, the couple can plan a good pregnancy.

With healthy sperm, healthy eggs, and sexual intercourse at the right time, then conception will occur good. After fertilization woman began to show the physical characteristics of pregnant and wait about nine months to deliver the baby.

Every couple needs to understanding What kind of food for a woman to get pregnant quickly, it will help the couple with their plan.

preparing for twins

Family tree has an important role to get the twins. Genetic twins in a family will be easily passed on to other families in the family tree. But for couples who do not have a genetic history of twins in their family do not feel disappointed because twins can be born from anywomen. You only need to do your best. What do you hope not to be the best, but what you get is precisely what is best for you.

How to realize your dream is to do some sexual positions that allow for the sperm closer to the egg so, some sexual positions to conceive baby twins. There are five sex position you should try, but you can try another position. Or you could vary from those positions.

The final, you can consult to many people. First, came to the doctor and ask him for advice. Obstetricians are people who understand more about the science of medicine so that his advice is very important to you. Second, ask for advice from the parents of twins. They are people who are experienced in such matters. You can get tips to get pregnant with twins from them. Ask them is the best way you can do.

The twins are the most beautiful thing in this world. Likewise with a single baby. So, whatever you would get, it is the most beautiful thing for you. If you and your partner really wants to have twins, you can try this one way: adopt the twins.

Thus the discussion about sex positions to conceive baby twins. Do your best and ask the experts and people who have experienced it. Good luck.

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