Avoid Labeling Your Twins, Understand The Difference Between Them

Avoid labeling your twins, understand the difference between them In a family if there are twins, they will be hard to distinguish their twins their twins. Two children were born simultaneously and have the same physical shape would be hard to find the difference. But it is impossible for twins to have no difference at… Read More »

Preparation and Strategies in Parenting & Breastfeeding Twins

Strategies in parenting & breastfeeding twins Thinking about having twins is certainly a pleasant thing. However, it required a double work for not just one child but two. Parenting and breastfeeding twins is very difficult. The mother can breastfeed two babies at once, and that’s so hard to do. However, to simplify it could use… Read More »

7 Types of Twins You Should Know : Identical, Fraternal, etc

7 Types of Twins What do you feel when you meet someone who looks like you? Surprised? Happy? Or sad? of course you will happy. Likewise with twins. For most people It will feel very happy if they have a twin brother. Identical twins are similar physical shape. Of course it is very nice to… Read More »

6 Ways to Get Pregnant with Twins and Fertilize the Womb

6 Ways to Get pregnant with twins and fertilize the womb Women who conceiving twins would be care to abortion. It is reasonable because she was conceiving more than one fetus. How do I get twins? One thing to do is check out the family tree. If there is a family tree of genetic twins… Read More »

Am I Going to Have Fraternal Or Identical Twins?

Am I Going to Have Fraternal Or Identical Twins? That is one question asked by pregnant women frequently. Pregnant women will be very enthusiastic to know about the baby. Ultrasound (Sonography) is a tool to detect the sex of the baby in the womb. If pregnant women known to be carrying twins that have diffrent… Read More »