How to Increase Your Chance of Having Twins? There are 7

By | August 6, 2016

How to Increase Your Chance of Having Twins?

There is no woman who is not happy to hear that the doctor diagnosed him pregnant. Moreover, he gets multiple pregnancy.

 Increase Your Chance of Having Twins

The most common type of twins are fraternal. Fraternal twins occur when the mother’s body fertilize two eggs simultaneously. When both eggs are fertilized they will be two genetically unique individuals who share the same womb. In a very rare cases, a woman can get pregnant with twins with different DNA from two different sperm. The incident is extraordinary. Imagine if she gave birth to twins with different DNA. One white and one black.

Boy-girl fraternal twins have 40% on a percentage of the birth of fraternal twins. While fraternal girls are the next most common, followed by fraternal boys.

Identical twins are rare. But not a few women who get it. Identical twins occur when a single egg is fertilized by one sperm and then divides into two. The two fetuses will have the same gender, and genetics. Hence, they are called identical twins. They have same gender, same physical shape, and same character. Identical girls are more common than boys.

Currently, the percentage of births of twins in the world is getting higher. According to the research, 1 out of 33 births in the world is the birth of twins. It is a rapid increase since the last twenty years. An event like this is considered normal since the use of modern technology in medicine.

The higher percentage likelihood for women to conceive twins then it certainly makes some women very confident with herself. Here are some factors that can increase the chances of getting pregnant with twins.

  1. Although there is no technology that can predict whether you can conceive twins or not, but if you or one of your family has a genetic twins, the chances of it happening to you is getting higher. You might be able to release more eggs each month so that you have a high chance of having twins.
  2. There is a research that says 17% of women over 45 give birth to multiples. The women ages have a higher chance of getting pregnant with twins. Women who have age over 30 will release more eggs than women who are still in 20.
  3. Women who have already given birth to twins has a high likelihood of having twins again.
  4. Eating yams and dairy products can also improve fertility. There was a race in West Africa, which has a high pregnancy of twins have the habit of eating sweet potatoes. Some scientists believe that the substances contained in the skin of sweet potato can improve conception in women. Besides consuming dairy products is also the best choice if you want to have twins.
  5. Logically, if you have a lot of kids, of course you likely to have a twins.
  6. Usually, a woman cannot get pregnant while breastfeeding. This is because they still has a baby. However, in some studies, choosing pregnant soon after giving birth can also make a woman has the possibility to be pregnant with twins
  7. The last factor that you can dig in this article is the luck. If you ask the parents who have twins, how can you having twins? , they would answer it is just plain old fashioned luck.

Okay, whatever will you get it is the best for you and your family. Do the best.

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