Avoid Labeling Your Twins, Understand The Difference Between Them

By | August 2, 2016

Avoid labeling your twins, understand the difference between them

In a family if there are twins, they will be hard to distinguish their twins their twins. Two children were born simultaneously and have the same physical shape would be hard to find the difference. But it is impossible for twins to have no difference at all. In some aspects they have differences. As an example of the difference such as level of intelligence, hair shape, and personality. However, there are important things to note for parents that is discrimination. Sometimes when parents label their child so it becomes a discrimination. Who is the highest body, who is the most cute, who is the most intelligent, etc.

Avoid Labeling Your Twins, Understand The Difference Between Them

For a mother, having twins does not mean to have two children exactly the same. Precisely for the mother they looked very different. Even the mother can feel the difference between them when they were still in the womb.

In the third trimester usually do non stress tests to pregnant women. The test is generally performed for 20 minutes. But not infrequently up to 1 hour duration depending on the purposes. Some doctors ask pregnant women to carry out ultrasound tests to determine whether or not there is a problem in her pregnancy.

In non stress tests could be known behavior of twins in the womb. Suppose the baby A’s behavior tend to be quiet in the womb. This could mean something. This does not signify that the baby A possess idler or so, but only to the extent the behavior in the womb only. Instead, the baby B’s tend to move a lot, and wiggling in the womb. This would suggest that baby B more aggressive than A. But it is only a mere prediction. We will not know until they actually born in this world.

After the twins were born, differences that were previously talking about it could become a reality even more. The first difference that the mother can feel is their crying. The Baby A may have crying louder than the baby B or vice versa. Long and the length of their cries could also be different. The one cry out but short, while the other cry softly but longer duration. Baby A tend to prefer looking at people longer while baby B on the contrary, do not like staring at others. Many differences will be encountered when the twins were born in the world already.

Then, if they are different, why labeling them is not good? Imagine what happens if you discriminate against your twins from infancy until they grow into toddlers and then grows into an adult. They will wonder why they are undifferentiated. The one feels ignored, and other feel pampered. The more they grow, the labeling on themselves more and more closely, and they will be hard to forget. So treat your twins with the same affection and not to label them.

After they grow into toddlers, it will look different characters and personalities are clear between them. For example, when going to sleep, the one would choose to read a storybook to fall asleep, while the other prefers listening to music. Which one is more mature personality, while the other is childish. The thing we can not avoid. But clearly the same affection of the parents is a very meaningful thing for both of them.

Be grateful for what you have and given to you and your family. The twins are double happiness and most beautiful gift. The difference between your child will make a rainbow in the sea of clouds in your family. Avoid labeling your twins, understand the difference between them.

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