7 Types of Twins You Should Know : Identical, Fraternal, etc

By | July 30, 2016

7 Types of Twins

What do you feel when you meet someone who looks like you? Surprised? Happy? Or sad? of course you will happy. Likewise with twins. For most people It will feel very happy if they have a twin brother.
Identical twins are similar physical shape. Of course it is very nice to have the same flawless brother. Identical twins occur when a sperm fertilizing an egg and then the egg splits into two. Because fertilized by one sperm to the egg. So after the egg is divided into two, it will produce the same-two fetuses. Therefore, it called as identical twins.

Ok, here 7 types of twins you should know.

  1. Identical twins
    Identical twins is hard to distinguish. Because they were born from the same egg cell, the DNA between the two is also arguably similar. Yet in identical twins still have differences. Like fingerprints, their fingerprint are different. And also teeth that they have are different too.
  2. Half-identical twins
    Half-identical twins are born when the egg splits prior to being fertilized, and the two new cells are fertilized by two different sperm. Half identical twins may be hard to identify.
  3. Monochrionic Twins
    Monochrionic twins occur depending on the length of time after the fertilization of the egg halves. At this stage the eggs could share the amniotic sac, yolk sac, and chrionic sac. That condition is called monoamniotic monochrionic twins. This incident is a rare occurrence. Therefore many health risks that could occur under these conditions. One of them is the risk of TTTS (Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome). TTTS (Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome) is happen when placenta not balanced, as a result the blood supply to the fetuses is different, there are few and there is too much. And such conditions is very harmful to the unborn fetus.
  4. Mirror twins
    As many as 25% of the birth of twins are mirror twins. This means that between the first and second child has the physical opposite. If the child is a dominant right-handed, left-handed to the other. Hair shape they are also opposites. That mirror twins.
  5. Twins Conjoined / Siamese Twins
    Siamese twins are monoamniotic monochrionic twins who never completely separate. Conjoined twins scarier than most people expect. Conjoined twins can be born with one body or two heads. They can share a part of the body. This is very depressing. Generally shoulder and side body parts together. Some surgical separation of conjoined twins have been successfully carried out, but some may have failed.
  6. Fraternal twins
    Different sperm dividing two eggs from separated placenta. The result of this process is Fraternal twins. Therefore fraternal twins have the same physical shape. But they are still twins. Although the physical form completely identical, but some of the things they have in common.
  7. Twins of Two
    Twins of two occur when two eggs are fertilized by two different sperm. Thats Sperm produced by different people. This incident is very rare. Twins of two has a different physical form, but some other they have the same.

fraternal twins - mybabykids.net



IDENTICAL TWINS -mybabykids.net


In the past people guessing whether the pregnancy the twins are identical or fraternal. But at the present with the technology, anyone can predict the type of twins. Also they can predict types of twins they owned.

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