6 Tips for Mom To Make Twin Babies Sleep At The Same Time

By | August 7, 2016

Having twins means having the most beautiful gift in life. It was a very pleasant thing. But in addition, the parents must be willing to work hard to raise their two children. Having two babies and bringing up them together is not easy, morover to make theme sleep together. Well, here are some tips to make twin babies sleep at the same time.

Twin Babies Sleep At The Same Time

  1. Creating a comfortable environment for sleep
    A comfortable environment for sleep is the best way. Your babies will follow their sleep schedule. Create a room that was quiet and dark, so the babies will feel calm. The room temperature must be adapted to the condition of your twins. (1) You can set a warmer temperature at night or cold temperatures during the day. (2) You can put a light sleeper and set into dimmer light. (3) You can also play soft melodies as lullabies. (Eg sound of a waterfall, the sound of birds singing, rain sounds, or sound waves)
  2. Make sure they always take a nap together
    To make your twins sleep together in the same time, you should make sure they have same activity. If one wakes up, wake your other baby. Invite both of your baby to interact simultaneously. You can bring them to visit your neighbor or playing in the park together. So, at noon they will be exhausted and slept together. Baby sleep longer than adults, therefore if they sleep during the day, then at night they would sleep better.
  3. Make a bedtime routine
    You need to make a preparation before you lull your twins. For example, by giving a massage to your baby, bathe with warm water, or feed them. Furthermore, you can read books before bed. Or sing a song followed by a warm hug. That preparation will make them undergo sleep better. These habits will make easier for you to set up a regular schedule for your twins to sleep. Then they will sleep soundly.
  4. Swaddling your babies
    Swaddling baby is an old schooled but make your babies safe and comfortable. When they feel warm then they will feel sleepy. You can use a baby blanket or T-shirt to swaddle your twins. Do it after they shower. With a sense of comfort and warm, that they will be easier to fall asleep.
  5. Let your twins sleep together in same crib
    Most twins will feel happy if they are close together. Likewise when they are sleeping. They will feel comfortable when sleeping with their siblings and feel happy to be interacting and touching each other. They would embrace and kicking each other while sleeping, even suck on each others hands while they sleep. Do this way until they are three months old. Then you can use two different cribs. But make sure they are close together.
  6. Help your calm baby first
    When twins rouse from sleep, usually parents tend to focus on the screamer first. As a result, the other will cry. Tend to your quiet baby first and make sure he is happy and relaxed before you focus on the screamer one. Do not worry about the screamer waking up his sibling since most twins are not disturbed by their sibling’s crying even when they are in the same crib.

The best way to lull your twins in the same time ie by preparing a comfortable environment and make bedtime routine. You can follow 6 tips above. Good luck.

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