17 Things You Should Know About Adopting Twins

By | August 16, 2016

17 Things You Should Know About Adopting Twins. Are you planning to adopt twins? There are some couples who want to adopt the twins in the world.

Many of them do not know how to adopt a child. If you have no experience about it, you do not have family or friends who have the experience of adopting a child, but you have commit to adopt a child, there is nothing you need to worry.

I have a friend who live in the UK. She works in the department of Adoption UK. And she had her first experience to adopt a child. She and her partner adopted 14-month-old baby in 2013. Secondly, she and his partner also adopted 11-month-old baby.

A person who works in adoption do not necessarily have the experience of adopting a child. But for a woman who ever adopt a child, she certainly has the experience of it.

Adopting twins is a rare thing. The twins do not always have a poor life history, As their parents left behind, abandoned, or orphaned. It’s very rare there are twins in orphanages or adoption’s department. Therefore, it is still rare people who adopt the twins.

adopting twins

Here are 17 Things You Should Know About Adopting Twins

1. You don’t have to be an real family to adopt a child
To adopt the twins, you and your partner do not have to be a family that is ‘real’. Many of the couples in the world are have same-sex. And we certainly understand that. They could not have offspring. One of the best ways is to adopt a child.

Adopting a child is something they can do if they want to have children. But it is not easy to do that. For some people, same-sex couples is taboo. But most of them understand it.

Thing that matters is whether they can be accepted to adopt the child or not. We need to look from the other side. For the couple, they have the right to have. And for the child, they also have the right to choose.

For twins, they need love from his new parents. During the couple can give love, they are accepted, then it does not matter.

You don’t have to be a n ‘real’ family if you want to adopt the twins. However, they also have the right to accept or reject.

2. You must go to the local government and voluntary organizations
If you have decided to adopt a child, then you need to go they are a local government and a voluntary organizations.

You can find lists of local adoption agency. Or you can search through the internet. Make sure the agency is credible and is under the auspices of the government.

You don’t have to go to the local government for the security and safety of the adoptee. You must be a great parent of the child’s future. This is not easy. Adoptee is a child who has no memory of life shared their biological parents, so it is not easy for you to go in and replace the role of parents actually. You can help an adopted child to be able to adjust to its new environment.

The competent authority is the agency that ensures the quality of the new parent to the adoptee. They will give you choice and the children were also given the same opportunity.

Before you begin to adopt the twins, make sure you finish your homework. Twins are not always ready for adoption. So you need to work hard to find out about it. Contact voluntary organizations and local authorities and ask about what you are looking for. You need their help to carry out your mission.

Come to many agencies and many voluntary organizations. Besides as you search for something, you also have to build relationships with them.

According to some experiences, agencies and relevant authorities will greet you with a friendly and serve you well. You only need to work with them.

They will guide you and your partner to be like what the parent do. You and your partner should also learn about the processes of adopting a child from the beginning to the final stage.

They will come to you and assess more about you and your partner. It aims to make a report to be given to the panel adoption. Are you worthy or not to adopting a child.

In conclusion, you have to look for partners, and learn to become parents early on.

3. The social worker will support you
You must have a good financial condition, normal life, and no criminal history. The social worker will come to you and judge you, What is your personality? Like what your financial condition? What is your relationship with others? What are your interests? And how do you face the problem.

social worker adopting twins

You do not need to be afraid or anxious. Because the social worker is the person who will help you. If you’re not ready then you can prepare yourself before you start to adopt children. You do not need to act or lie about yourself. What you have is the best of you. Remember, social worker will help you. Believe him.

4. Be yourself
Being perfect is not the best thing. Be yourself because it is what you need more. You do not have to say how good you are to social workers because that’s not what they need. If you tell that you are the perfect person then a social worker will assess your actually strange. Because very few people out there who say such nice.

be yourself

The social worker is someone who is experienced. Therefore you do not need to hide anything from them. Tell the truth about yourself and your partner. They will certainly help you.

They do not want to hear that you are the perfect person. But they want to hear how you solve your problem. A tough guy is the one who has a lot of problems and he is able to cope.

The twins are two or more children. Therefore, the experience really become the primary capital to be able to adopt them. Tell the truth to social workers. They will help you.

5. Fix the issues in your family
If you already have Children then you need to put your child to participate in the process. The presence of a new family member must be received from other family members. Therefore, your family members get involved in the process.

Fix the issues in your family

Everything might be tricky if you are a single parent, you may have another couple. In this case, this can be resolved amicably.

The social worker will help you solve the problem. Social workers have been trained to face with such matters. So trust them. They will help you and choose the best way for you and your family.

6. Finding the right time
Sometimes the advice given by the social worker does not match to your expectations and your spouse. But that’s the best way for you. The social worker will say that now is not the right time for you to adopt a child.

Businessman pulling a clock hand backwards

Example: You recently got married and you’ve just miscarried. Moments like that it’s not quite right if you are going to adopt a child.

The social worker will provide advice. But that does not mean you can not adopt the Child. It’s only a matter of time. You can wait for the next 6-12 months to be able to execute your plan.

7. Age of the adoptee determines the length of the adoption process
Before Social worker came to the house, you should tell him the specifics of twins that you are looking for. The child’s age affects the time of adoption process. The twins are as young as 2 -3 years is different from the twins as young as 10 months.

Age of the adoptee determines the length of the adoption process

The twins were still babies would be easier to nurture than twins who are the oldest. However you should consider the other point of view. An older child will likely not have the opportunity for adoption of the younger children. So, before you adopt twins, consider beforehand about age.

8. Understanding the differences
The difference usually bring us to racism. Different couples may be underestimated. However it is important for us to understand the difference.

white and black couple

Adopted children come from many different races and backgrounds. Many of them are generally different from the adopters. Example: black couples adopt white children. Or vice versa.

But most important is your commitment to your children that you have choosen. You have the right to choose, and they have the right to reject or accept too.

To understand a distinction is not easy. This is not just changing someone’s lifestyle. This is how an adopted child can live with your way in their life. And you have to understand them.

Other people will judge you and your child different from the others. You may wish to tolerate. The most important thing is that you can guarantee the life and happiness of your child.

If in your family or your friends there are a person of a different race / different from others, then you have to understand it.

You also need to understand your child later. Adopted twins would have a different view for others. Maybe you could understand it if it happens to yourself, but what if it happens to your adopted child? You should be able to fix the issue. Because it is the consequence if you want to adopt a child.

9. The adoption panel will not reject you
You need at least six months from the first contact to your local authorities until you go away to the adoption panel.

The adoption panel will not reject you

There will be 14 people on the adoption of the panel, the which is made up of experts in the field: adopters, adoptees, representatives from education and children’s services, doctors, solicitors and possibly local counsillors.

They will read the report from the social worker. Then they will ask some questions related to it. This is not a terrible thing. The question is frequently asked questions relating to your personality. You probably will not know what the question is but of course you can answer it.

Try not to be nervous when answering these questions. This process is not decisive. The social worker will tell you about his advice. If he says that you are eligible to become an adopter then in the process of adoption panel most likely you will be accepted. But otherwise, if at the beginning, the social workers have said that it was not the right time for you to adopt the Child, then in the adoption panel results there will not be much different.

10. The Hardest Part
Maybe you think that the hardest thing is when you meet with social workers and the adoption panel. That may be true, but not entirely true. The most difficult part is after it.

Man covering his face in office

Choosing a child for adoption is a difficult thing. Especially for twins. Look for it is a difficult thing. Then match it. You will be dealing with a lot of people and it is not an easy thing.

For the adopter there are only takes a short time to get along with his adopted son, but there are those who for years.

You can not be sure everything will go well. You will get your twins. But, what will you get later is the best thing for you.

The Hardest Part when adopting child is a match. Looking for a child to be adopted is not that easy to buy fruit at the store. There are so many aspects to be considered. Many people will support you. You can join forums, social organizations, online forums, support agencies in the local area, and the other adopters.

11. It’s OK to say no
If you’ve matched to one of adopted child, then you do not have to say “Yes”. Compatibility is not things that you must obey. You have to follow your heart. May reject something difficult to get is foolhardy. But it was the right thing. You will understand it at the end.

It’s OK to say no

You need to think and consider. Compatibility with someone is different with a passion. Determine follow your heart. What do you think of the brain and what you feel in your heart may be different. This is a confusing thing. You should be consulted to your social worker. Sometimes you have to be able to say ‘No’ to something beneficial. Because the best results, however, happen afterwards.

12. You will understand yourself
The first time you have a child from adoption, you will feel nervous and maybe you do not know what you should do. It is common thing. You will understand yourself and your child for you through the process.

12. You will understand yourself

13. Overwhelmed
Just as those who gave birth. They will feel overwhelmed with their new born baby. Just as those who gave birth. They will feel overwhelmed with their new family member. Similar to adopt children. At the beginning, you will feel overwhelmed to deal with it. However, over time you will be able to cope.


14. Different treatments
Unlike having a baby. You will not be visited by friends or neighbors. Child adoption is different from biological children. This led to different treatment from others. For the first 2 weeks you would be well advised not to bring your child to meet more people. You have to assimilate and adapt to them. It is very important for the connection between you and your child.


Your child will think of you as a new person. But if you go through the process so they will assume you are a part of their life.

15. This is the most beautiful thing in your life
Similar to having a baby. Adopting a child is the most beautiful thing in your life. Both of these are the same. You should be grateful to that.

have a baby

16. Hard work
Having twins is a very pleasant thing. But in addition, you have to work hard. To get it you probably will pass through a variety of bureaucratic. But after that you will feel happy.

work hard

Finding out about the existence of twins is the hardest thing. Then, how do you care for, is a hurdle that you must go through.

17. Correction yourself
This last point is a advices. Adopting a child is not a last way you should take if you want to have children. If there is anything you might guess wrong with you, then you have to fix it. What other people think wrong with you may have a point. You have to correct yourself.

correct yourself

That’s 17 things you should know about Adopting twins. Adopting twins are not an easy thing. What if adopt the twins? Of course it is double. It depends on your commitment. Keep trying, and whatever you will get is the best thing for you.

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